The 3 Ways that Long Term Investing is a Lot Like Exercise

Long Term Investing

I’ve Been a Life-Long Exerciser Ever since childhood, physical activity has been a part of my life.  As a kid, I played baseball in the summer, basketball in the winter and was a part of the volleyball team when my high school added that as a sport. It continued in college with IM basketball, softball…

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What Should I Do with My Old 401k?

401K Retirement

It’s Only 0.90%….. 401(k)’s are a great benefit for employees of corporations.  The big reason is the company match that employees receive on contributions that they make into the plan.  But what happens when you leave the company and the company match is no longer happening? If you’re in this situation, you may be asking,…

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5 Financial Strategies to Last a Lifetime

Achieving your long-term financial goals is a lifelong commitment.  It requires careful planning and daily decision-making in a manner that is consistent with the financial targets you have established.  Consider implementing these Five Financial Strategies to Last a Lifetime to grow your personal balance sheet and ensure your financial security. Strategy #1 – Have an…

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Your 6 Money Buckets – When and How to Fund Them

Money Buckets

Once you start making some money as an entrepreneur, a natural question is what you should do with the extra cash. Consider structuring your finances in terms of 6 Money Buckets and work your way through the list in order on the road to financial security. Money Bucket #1 – Household Expenses Everyone has this…

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Four Keys to Financial Security

Financial Security

While completing my coursework to become a Certified Financial Planner, I studied all of the ways that I can help clients build wealth.  These include many of the topics you typically hear financial advisors talking about such as investment portfolio diversification, portfolio rebalancing, estate planning, retirement planning and cash flow management.  However, there are also…

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