96% of Stock Returns are Pretty Boring

market leadership and business success as a concept for prosperi

I love looking at historical data for the returns of various asset classes and using this data to govern how I invest my money and invest money for my clients. Professor Aswath Damodaron at NYU’s Stern School of business maintains records of the returns of various asset classes starting in 1928.  You can find that…

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Are Your Personal Goals Livin’ on a Prayer?

bon jovi performs in helsinki stadium on bon jovi live 2011

We’re not huge fans, but Stacy and I watched the four-part Bon Jovi documentary this weekend.  Even if you don’t love the band, it was really interesting to see how 5 middle class kids from New Jersey achieved world-wide fame.  (Spoiler alert – I’m about to disclose multiple plot details here – read on at…

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Your Brain is an Evidence-Seeking Machine

evidence bag

In a previous post, I talked about the idea that our brains are “Thought-Making Machines” that churn out thousands of thoughts a day.  My brain is a champ at churning out thoughts by the boatload, particularly if I’m chewing the worry bone about something. Today I’m talking about a related topic, which is that our…

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How Do I Calculate My Net Worth?

Net Worth

It’s Not About Just About Income, Net Worth is the True Story When many people talk about their personal finances, most of the focus goes toward income.  And while your salary is important, a bigger determinant of your long-term financial success is to regularly calculate and track your net worth. This post starts off with…

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The Impact of Student Loan Debt on Your Personal Finances

Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt – Pay Now & Really Pay Later Student loan debt is the #1 issue impacting the personal finances of most people under 30.  According to a recent survey conducted by Student Loan Hero, the average student loan debt for 2016 graduates is now $37,172. If you graduate with this amount of debt…

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