Is Your Quality of Life Important to You?

Are your investments aligned with what you want to achieve in your life?

You lead a busy life. Your obligations probably include things like family, career and community leaving you little time for other aspects of life. You know your personal finances are important, but it’s hard to sort through the seemingly endless number of options out there to manage your investments.

Now you can take charge of your finances by working with me to invest your money using long-term, proven strategies that maximize your wealth.

My approach is not “flavor-of-the-month” investing. It works by investing in a well-diversified, low cost portfolio that keeps more money in your pocket and less going out the door toward unnecessary fees and expenses.

  • “Get Rich Quick” investment schemes almost never work.
  • Markets reward patience and a long-term disciplined approach to investing.
  • Expenses and taxes do matter. These should be minimized to maximize your wealth.

Our proprietary investment process uses proven strategies and over 20 years of portfolio management experience backed by strong organizations and academic rigor.

We analyze the risk, return and correlation of over 60 asset classes to target the long-term drivers of return. You’ll know:

  • You’re smartly diversified – not all of your eggs are in one basket.
  • You’re tapped into strategies that work well in different types of investment environments to help smooth the ride and avoid the typical extremes of financial markets.
  • You’re invested in a way that’s consistent with both the amount of risk you want to take and the long term personal and professional goals you want to achieve.
  • Your account is regularly rebalanced to “sell high and buy low” and keep your asset allocations consistent over time.

You want to know you’re taking charge of your finances, but not be subjected to a quarterly sales pitch on the latest hot investment product or strategy. We’ll have “10 Minute Touch Base” calls to:

  • Review investment statements and educate you on your holdings.
  • Coordinate my efforts with your other trusted advisors.
  • Address other wealth management topics including tax management, cash flow management, and estate planning among others.
  • Reconfirm your professional and personal goals

You have the right to know exactly how I’m managing your money so you can make smart investment decisions in terms of:

  • Fees
  • Performance
  • Risk Level

We’re not compensated by fund companies asking us to push products that may or may not be in your best interests. We’re compensated only by you, our client and keep our structure easy to understand.

  • Your Personal Fiduciary
  • One simple fee
  • Choosing investment products and asset custodians with industry-leading low expenses and transaction costs.

You’ll work directly with me, Dave Rowan, as I help you match your unique personal and professional goals with an investment portfolio to help you achieve them:

  • 10 years of experience in the Financial Services industry.
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®)
  • Founder and president of Rowan Financial, LLC
  • Creation and implementation of an investment portfolio that matches your personal and professional goals.
  • Access to our proprietary investment portfolios that are not available to the general public.
  • An experienced personal fiduciary who will always act in your best interests.
  • “10 Minute Touch Base” conversations with Dave to adjust as your career and your life unfolds.
  • One simple fee with no hidden nuisance fees and industry-leading low expenses and transaction costs.
  • The peace of mind knowing you’ve taken charge of your finances like you’ve taken charge of other aspects of your life.
Dave Rowan in Suit

"Investing is a long-term activity, not a sporting event requiring minute-by-minute adjustments. Treat it as such, and make small, infrequent changes to your investing strategy rather than trying to time the market."

Dave Rowan