Are You Looking for Help with Your

Finances for a Fixed Monthly Fee?

You Don’t Need a Big Pile of Money to Work with a Financial Planner

When financial planning started as a profession, it was mostly about investment management.  Clients were typically mid- to late-career executives and professionals who’d had the time to accumulate a large amount of money and were looking for help navigating the world of stocks and bonds to grow their wealth and prepare for retirement.  Unfortunately, this model left younger people out in the cold at a time when they were most in need of sound financial advice.

Let’s say you’re a young professional just getting started. You’re making decent money but haven’t had time to save. Or, you may be later in your career and perfectly comfortable managing your own investment portfolio, but are still looking for advice on other financial topics. In both of these cases, the Monthly Subscription Plan offering is a perfect choice for you.

For one low, monthly fee, we’ll work together to create a Comprehensive Financial Plan tailored to you.

  • Define your short- and long-term financial goals and get crystal clear on your progress against them.
  • See exactly how you might need to adjust your spending and saving decisions now to meet your financial goals in the future.
  • Move forward confidently because I’ll show you just how multiple scenarios play out financially with the variables that life inevitably throws your way. Things like what happens if you have a period of unemployment, encounter unexpected medical bills or witness a large downturn in the financial markets.
  • Not just plan for life’s obligations (retirement saving, college saving, paying the bills) but also plan for the fun stuff like vacations that allow you to create lasting memories with family or your hobbies and passions that bring energy to your work and personal life.

My planning process is designed to take the financial guesswork and worry out of life’s transitions and give you a financial framework for decision-making.

If you’ve worked hard to build your savings, have little or no debt (other than a home mortgage) and want to know if you’ve saved enough either for your immediate needs or your eventual retirement, then creating this plan together with me is perfect for you.

This plan is customized for your unique circumstances. We won’t be plugging numbers into a generic formula that spits back an answer with no relevance to your situation and personal and professional goals.

You will work directly with me to go through your personal finances in detail. I’ll then create your custom Comprehensive Financial Plan to enable you to confidently move forward and create a financial future that is even brighter than your past or present.

  • An initial information gathering session with me. I’ll ask you not only about your finances, but more importantly what you want your money to do for you in terms of your personal goals, career and dreams.
  • A “What If” discussion where we map out the kinds of situations you want to plan for. Situations such as:
    • “What if” I need to take a short-term hit in my income to go pursue a new line of work that I’ve always wanted to try?
    • “What if” I want to open my own business? Can I swing that full time or do I need to start it as a side business while I keep my day job?
    • “What if” I want to partially retire at 60 and work part time for a few years?
    • “What if” the market goes in the tank for the next few years? Will I still be OK?
  • A customized Long-Term Cash Flow Plan that shows you what your finances look like for the next five years, for the rest of your working career and forward into retirement. You’ll have the financial framework that you need to guide your spending, saving and investing decisions while you pursue your career and personal goals.
  • Complimentary professional management of up to $100,000 in assets.*
  • A prioritized action list of the steps you can take to implement this plan and confidently create the life you’ve always wanted.
  • Unlimited email support while we’re developing your plan to answer your questions and keep you moving forward!

* Management of assets above and beyond the initial $100,000 will be billed at 1% of Assets Managed.

Monthly Subscription Plans are available for $100-$250, depending on the complexity of your personal finances.

Dave Rowan in Suit

“Investing is like farming.  You can’t run out into the field in September, throw a few seeds around and expect a bumper crop.  Getting started in the spring of your investing career will yield the cash crop you’re looking for.”

Dave Rowan