How To Hire a Great Contractor

If you are planning on fixing and flipping real estate property, or want to fix and rent it, you will need to hire a great contractor. Working on real estate comes down to three things: cost, timing, and performance. It’s important for the work to be done well, at a reasonable cost, and in a timely manner. Referrals for a contractor can come from several sources including:

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Property Managers
  • BiggerPockets Forums
  • Local Real Estate Investors Groups

Make a detailed list of the work you need done and include photos or videos of hard to explain details.  Explain to potential contractors what you need done. Grant them access to the property so they can assess the work needed first-hand.  Contractor bidding process includes:

  • Contractors will present bids
  • Compare and refine bids to select a contractor
  • Establish timing
  • Get it all in writing!