Creating the Life You are Meant to Lead

240424 play it safe

Do you want to “play it safe” or do you want to create the life you are meant to lead? I definitely was raised to follow the “play it safe” rulebook: But somewhere along the way I realized that playing it safe wasn’t really safe at all.  I was thrilled with my finances; but was…

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Should I Add My Kids to the Deed?

middle age hispanic couple wearing casual clothes confuse and wo

The short answer is NO.  Usually parents who are doing this have two commendable goals in mind: avoiding probate and ensuring that the house passes to their kids. The theory behind this form of DIY estate planning is good; however, it comes with many significant risks and downsides. These goals can be accomplished by putting the house in a…

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Your Brain is an Evidence-Seeking Machine

evidence bag

In a previous post, I talked about the idea that our brains are “Thought-Making Machines” that churn out thousands of thoughts a day.  My brain is a champ at churning out thoughts by the boatload, particularly if I’m chewing the worry bone about something. Today I’m talking about a related topic, which is that our…

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5 Reasons Why Starting a Side Business Makes Great Sense

Side Business

People’s expectations of work and career are dramatically changing within our rapidly shifting economy.  One persistent trend is the number of people who work more than one job to make a living.  According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5% of US workers hold multiple jobs.  For some workers, it…

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When Do I Need a Financial Planner?

When do I need a Financial Planner

Sometimes Seeking Help is Obvious and Sometimes It’s Not Many times in life, it’s a pretty straightforward decision to contact a professional service provider.  For example, if a strong thunderstorm tears through your neighborhood, rips some shingles off your roof and you end up with a puddle in your living room, you know it’s time…

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