Creating the Life You are Meant to Lead

Do you want to “play it safe” or do you want to create the life you are meant to lead?

I definitely was raised to follow the “play it safe” rulebook:

  • Go to college and get a degree with good earning potential (engineering)
  • Get all the right internships along the way
  • Land the corporate job with the solid salary and steady paycheck
  • Get the MBA to be deemed worthy of management and keep on climbing
  • Hang on to that steady paycheck, that 401k and that medical coverage no matter what, even if I’m increasingly miserable as the months and years roll by.

But somewhere along the way I realized that playing it safe wasn’t really safe at all.  I was thrilled with my finances; but was looking for more freedom.  Freedom to:

  • Work for myself on things I love doing
  • Serve people who have similar goals to mine
  • Set my own schedule and make my own rules

And I was also not taking care of myself physically or mentally.  I wanted the freedom to set time aside for myself every day for exercise, personal growth and relationships.  I had seen too many people limp across the finish line into retirement with barely enough energy to crawl into a recliner.

With this goal in mind, I created a plan to build other skills and other sources of income to make my exit plan.  From 2008-2017, while working my corporate job I saved money like crazy, learned how to invest in real estate, became a Certified Financial Planner™, and launched Rowan Financial as a side hustle.

It took me ten years of planning and saving to make this transition and I now specialize in helping my clients create more freedom in their lives. 

Whether you want to simply learn to invest in real estate, plan for a deeply fulfilling retirement or launch a business that will one day replace your corporate salary, I want to teach you what I learned to accelerate the process.  I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made along the way.  And I want to be the mentor that I wish I would have had at the start of my journey. (I would have gotten there faster and slept better along the way!)

Are you ready to create the life you are meant to lead?  If so, visit and book a Get Acquainted Call today.