5 Reasons Why Starting a Side Business Makes Great Sense

Side Business

People’s expectations of work and career are dramatically changing within our rapidly shifting economy.  One persistent trend is the number of people who work more than one job to make a living.  According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5% of US workers hold multiple jobs.  For some workers, it…

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Diversification Isn't Enough

Diversification Alone Isn't Enough

Guest Post by David Waldrop, CFP® Diversification is an important principle that prudent investors and advisors adhere to. It is best explained by the expression “don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket.” If XYZ stock is the basket you put all your eggs into and it goes haywire, all your eggs are gone. And…

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Should I Sell My Bonds Now?

Should I Sell My Bonds Now

Bonds Go Down When Interest Rates Go Up, Right? With the Fed’s decision in December to raise interest rates 0.25%, I’m seeing the question, “Should I sell my bonds now?” pop up in online discussion forums and other conversations among investors. On the surface, you would think that the answer would definitely be “Yes!” given…

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The 3 Ways that Long Term Investing is a Lot Like Exercise

Long Term Investing

I’ve Been a Life-Long Exerciser Ever since childhood, physical activity has been a part of my life.  As a kid, I played baseball in the summer, basketball in the winter and was a part of the volleyball team when my high school added that as a sport. It continued in college with IM basketball, softball…

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