Should I Get a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse Mortgage

I Sign the Line & Get a Big Pile of Money – How Bad Can it Be? Many retirees in need of fast cash are asking themselves, “Should I get a reverse mortgage?” If you’re in this boat, it may be interesting for you to know that reverse mortgages have actually been around since the…

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3 Strategies to Save More for Retirement


The 3-Pronged Approach to Save More for Retirement I don’t know about you, but I like looking at goals from all perspectives and going after them on multiple fronts.  If you’ve set a goal to save more for retirement, you can definitely take a multi-pronged approach.  You’ll maximize the chances of meeting your retirement savings…

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5 Strategies to Avoid Outliving Your Money

Outliving Your Money Retirement Planning

Throw the Old Retirement Rulebook out the Window The rules for retirement are changing.  In reality, retirement as a life-phase is a relatively new concept when looked at in the context of all of human history. According to a recent Merrill Lynch publication, from 1900-1990 the average retirement age fell from 76 years old all…

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Your Encore Career Financial Roadmap

Encore Career

Working in Retirement is Becoming Increasingly Common You are approaching your retirement years at an interesting period of time.  You may be noticing that more of your friends and co-workers are choosing to work longer, either in their current field or by pursuing an encore career. This trend is definitely accelerating.  According to a recent…

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Can I Retire Yet?

Simple to Ask / Complex to Answer You are nearing retirement age and may be beginning to ask yourself, “Can I retire yet?”  This simple question is one of the most difficult to answer because it relies on many variables as well as the spending and saving choices you make leading up to and once…

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5 Ways to Finance Your Small Business Start-Up

Small Business Start-Up Financing

So you’re thinking about starting your own business.  Congratulations!  If you’re like me when I was thinking about opening my first business, it was a mixed bag of emotions ranging from exhilarating to terrifying on an hour by hour basis. Whether you’re mid-career in your 40’s or thinking about this small business start up as…

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Am I on Track for Retirement?

Retirement Rowan Financial

Many questions in life are relatively easy to answer like, “What should I have for dinner tonight?” or “What movie should we go see?” or even “Where should we go on vacation this year?” However, if you’ve been wondering lately, “Am I on track for retirement?” it may quickly turn into a frustrating exercise because…

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Can I Retire Now?

Can I retire now

It Depends….. If you’re nearing retirement age, the question, “Can I retire now?” may be top of mind for you.  I get asked this question a lot and unfortunately, my initial answer almost always has to be, “It depends….” When my clients start thinking about this question, we have a preliminary discussion about the key…

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4 Answers to Questions Related to Buying a Retirement Home

buying a retirement home

You’ve spent the last few years researching where you’d like to buy a retirement home.  You’ve vacationed at several different locations, spoken with friends and relatives and narrowed your search.  This coming winter could finally be the time you take the plunge and make the purchase! Here are 4 answers to some of the most common…

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