Choosing a Retirement Plan for Independent Contractors

Retirement Plan

You Have Great Options! According to a recent Forbes article, 13% of the US workforce now consists of independent contractors.  And this percentage will continue to grow, both as employers remain reluctant to add permanent headcount and employees seek more flexible, self-directed work arrangements. Are you among or thinking about become a part of this…

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5 Strategies to Avoid Outliving Your Money

Outliving Your Money Retirement Planning

Throw the Old Retirement Rulebook out the Window The rules for retirement are changing.  In reality, retirement as a life-phase is a relatively new concept when looked at in the context of all of human history. According to a recent Merrill Lynch publication, from 1900-1990 the average retirement age fell from 76 years old all…

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From Millennials to Boomers – What to Do NOW for Retirement

Retirement Planning

It’s Never Too Early to Start I’m an active participant in several online Q&A forums.  A common question is, “Am I on track for retirement?”  The question gets asked most frequently by people in their 50’s and 60’s; however, some participants in their 30’s and even as early as their 20’s are asking the question.…

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